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  • Crystal Candy JETSET Edible Flakes 6g - past best before
  • Flakes can be applied by sprinkling onto a moist surface.
  • These ultra unique Crystal Candy flakes are 100% edible and a great way to add colour and sparkle to your baked masterpieces.
  • Just a sprinkle creates beautiful effects.
  • These little flakes are like magic.
  • They can do anything from adding colour to baked goodies, to creating a swirls of snow - let your imagination run wild!
  • TIP:   Paint or dust your cake with metallic powders or pearlescent lustres in the same colour as your flakes to create an overall stunning effect.

Crystal Candy JETSET Edible Flakes 6g - PBB

$12.25 Regular Price
$4.00Sale Price
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