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Garden Themed Cupcake Decorating Class for KIDS - SCHOOL HOLIDAY

  • Date :  APRIL 14TH 2021 (WEDNESDAY) 10.00am - 1.00 pm

  • Class Location : 138 ROSEBANK AVE, CLAYTON SOUTH 3169

  • Skill Level - Beginner

  • Age - 6 to 16 years

  • Kids will learn to decorate six delicious garden themed cupcakes as shown in the picture.

  • Kids will learn to model the fondant to create  mini decorations and will learn to use the fondant tools and cutters

  • Kids will learn to fix the piping tips to the piping bags and will learn to pipe the buttercream on cupcakes

  • Finally they will learn to assemble the decorations they made on to their cupcakes

  • All tools, ingredients and aprons will be provided by us.

  • Kids are expected to bring a small snack and a water bottle.

  • End of the lesson kids will take their cupcakes home and show it to the dear ones and enjoy the cupcakes with them.

  • Cupcake boxes will be provided to take the cupcakes home.

  • Please note the cupcakes and the buttercream will be pre preapared for the class

Garden Themed Cupcake Decorating Class for KIDS - 14 APR 2021 SCHOOL HOLIDAY

  • Booked classes are not given refund. Anyways we are happy to replace your slot if you find a replacement. But we will not do refunding and rebooking for the replacement. Fund transferring needs to be handled between you two. 
    Cakewaves should be notified atleast 14 days prior to the class date about not attending, in this case you may get the chance to join an alternative class instead.
    Each class required a minimum number of attendees, incase of less attendees Cakewaves will either reschedule or cancel the class.  Paid attendees will be given a choice of attending to the rescheduled class or any other upcoming class of their choice or will be refunded when they could not find anything suitable
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