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Class Info

  • Buttercream Striped Drip Cake Class

  • Buttercream striped cake with chocolate drips and chocolate shards

  • Date & Time :  19 Mar 2022 Saturday from 2.00 pm - 7.30 pm

  • Location : 138 Rosebank Avenue, Clayton South 3169

  • Skill Level : Beginner

  • No of participants : Limited to Six


What you will learn

  • Students will learn to prepare , level and stack the cake.

  • Will learn to frost the cake with delicious buttercream.

  • Will learn to colour the buttercream (please note the buttercream is pre-made, but you will be given printed recipe for the buttercream and the instructer will illustrate the steps during the class for you to try at home)

  • They will learn to make the buttercream stripe pattern with icing comb

  • Will learn to make chocolate ruffles and omre chocolate shards with white chocolate

  • Finally they will learn to assemble the cake with the decorations they made


  • All the ingredients and tools needed for the lesson will be provided by Cakewaves.

  • Apron will be provided

  • Class notes will be sent via email after the completion of the class

  • End of the lesson you will get to take the delicious cake you made and enjoy it with your family.


This is a perfect opputunity to learn all the basic techniques from leveling,stacking and frosting the cake and also to learn the next level skills of working with fondant.


Clothing : casual , long hair to be tied back


Special Notes

  • Covid-19 hygine measures will be taken

  • Social distancing will be in practice

  • Class numbers will be small and aligned to the covid rules

  • Cleaning procedures will be implemented

Buttercream Striped Drip Cake Class - 19 Mar 2022

  • Incase if a customer cannot attend to a particular class, customer has the option to transfer the booking to a different class (difference in price will be transferred to a giftvoucher if the class is lesser in value than the previously booked class or the customer has to pay the difference if the class is expensive than the one which was previously booked)


    will be replaced to a gift voucher (valid for three years) to the equalent of the amount paid for the class.


    Alternatively we are happy to replace your slot if you find a replacement. But we will not do refunding and rebooking for the replacement. Fund transferring needs to be handled between you two. 
    Each class required a minimum number of attendees, incase of less attendees Cakewaves will either reschedule or cancel the class.  Paid attendees will be given a choice of attending to the rescheduled class or any other upcoming class of their choice or will be refunded when they could not find anything suitable


    Cakewaves reserves the rights to cancel or postpone the class due to lack of attendees or any government restrictions related to Covid-19.

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