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Quality Sprinkles Mixed Jar - Gold 72g


* Pearlised Gold Sprinkles

* Pearlised Gold Sugar Crystals

* Pearlised Gold 100's & 1000's

* Pearlised Gold 4mm Pearls

* Pearlised Gold 6mm Pearls

* Pearlised Gold 8mm Pearls

Quality Sprinkles are suitable for:

* Vegan consumers

* Kosher consumers

* Halal consumers

Quality Sprinkles contain:

* No Gluten

* No GMO

* No Dairy Products

* No Hydrogenated Fat

* No Preservatives

* No Artificial Flavours

* No Artificial Colours

* No Artificial Sweeteners

Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid high temperatures, humidity, exposure to light, chemicals & strong odours.

Quality Sprinkles 6 in 1 Mixed Jar - Gold 72g

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